I would use tweezers and manually pluck them out but my neck can get strained from looking downwards at that angle. 5) ha ha sorry for the confusion – I meant sunbathing/hitting the beach not day time versus night time. I have never shaved downstairs and only wax because the stubble from shaving would be so uncomfortable. Recently, three bh members - along with bh’s Anna - road-tested the Philips Lumea Prestige IPL - … I am very fair skinned with dark hair though, it hasn't touched the few hairs that are white. I hope it works out well for your wife. Not in 30-40 degree heat. And also scared. Thanks again! However, no at home hair removal machine will do that. And although I love the results (after multiple packages over the course of 6 years) some body parts (bikini line) are stubborn AF. Otherwise click on those links above if you don’t. She has seen how many of my hairs (even in my bikini area) have weakened significantly. But that hasn’t swayed my Philips Lumea review in the slightest. Overall, it was a pretty significant win, with better results possible if I could just persist at shooting elastic bands at my bikini area. Developed with expert dermatologists, the Philips Lumea is safe, effective, convenient and fast. What was your experience? For just the bikini line, around the thigh, you’ll be fine. Coupled with the fact that ‘those’ hairs are more fierce anyway and I wasn’t surprised to have less success downstairs. If you’re impatient and want the nutshell version of whether the Philips Lumea IPL works, my best ‘sum up’ answer is: yes, but not as well as you probably hope or expect. I now wax and that is better. The Philips Lumea Prestige is the first IPL device that comes with curved attachments for every body part – four attachments for face, body, underarms, and bikini. I ended up just managing it with my calendar on my phone. xo. For bleached hair, I think you’ll need to let it grow back in its natural colour as IPL doesn’t work on blonde hair – it needs a colour contrast between the hair and the skin colour. 4. But bare in mind, I used only on my legs, and now I’m doing my hands (to keep updated). 2. or countries where I don’t speak the language and you can start to see why getting a regular wax is a challenge. It sounds like you’ve made great progress. 3. I’d like to hope, after you’ve spent so much money with them, that they’d be able to give you a straight answer. Things that I think make a difference are number of heads/attachments (make sure they cover the areas you need) and zapping time. It didn’t even come up as a valid option when I was doing my research and the reviews I quickly checked on my usual UK websites give it bad reviews. Or at least it does for me. I’ve just re-read the advice and apparently waxing is also ok, which is good news as I get less angry ingrows. Far quicker than a Brazilian wax and in fewer than 6 yelps (3 each side), it’s done. Hi Kireta, you mention wispy hair so I just want to check you’re not blonde haired – the machine won’t work for blonde hair because there’s not enough contrast between your skin tone and hair colour (essential for the machine to work, apparently). Why this machine? I’ve never comsidered waxing, pain is ok, I just can’t stand blood. For me the sting feels similar to when you have been walking on a carpet, and you touch someone and you get that static shock. But my friend Clau, from the UK did. you do not need a white pencil to mark the areas – it blocks the laser (I mention this because there are lots of articles about it on the inter webs); it’s quicker (you’ll have less recharge time between each zap) if you use the Lumea plugged in –  the zaps will be almost instant. Sadly, I tend to pack light so it’s overall too big and heavy for me to take on my travels, which means I still need to plan my IPL sessions around being at home, but for most people that won’t be an issue. How does the Philips Lumea Advanced work? In our Philips Lumea review we … This has been so helpful! Does Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal System Really Work? Learn how your comment data is processed. Thans Deanna – I felt a bit awkward doing the photos but it’s what I wanted to see online so there they are (my mum is so proud, ha ha). And see how your skin responds. I haven’t used it on my face so I can’t tell you whether it works but my guess is if it can tackle my very dark bikini line hairs, it can cope with face hair. And grows really slowly, although it does grow back. My dermatologist recommended to get professional IPL hair removal treatment, which I agreed too until she told me the price, around £3,000 to treat several hairy areas. My ingrown hairs are totally gone, and most of my hair as well. For the record, I ended up buying the Philips Lumea Prestige. At first I did shave pre-IPL and the ingrowns were worse than ever. I have used the machine plugged and got the intensity assement for my skin. So after a year, today I zapped my legs with this device and I hope using this will further reduce the remaining hair both on my legs and mustache. From what I’m reading, it sounds like you made the right choice with the Philips. And we’re full circle back to the summary at the beginning. The scar was a bit darker then my other skin on my legs, which could explain that. Not ideal for your lady garden if it’s being regularly visited and you need to explain you don’t have downstairs alopecia. hair removal device that uses gentle pulses of light to prevent hair regrowth at the root (IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light There is clearly an improvement after the two first sessions; the hairs grows thinner and most of it its gone as seen on the photo. Hi Katie, good question. Numerous reasons actually. being waxed with strips of denim in India. Hi Husana, there is a specific bikini attachment in the box so it is definitely designed for your bikini area. Basically it stung where other areas did not. These are questions I get quite often, and I’m actually amazed about how popular this device became lately. (I also feel a sting if there’s a hair that I’ve missed when shaving, so just be sure to get all the hairs while shaving that you want to treat) I have used it over stretch marks that have already gone white, and have had no issues at all. Loved the honesty along with the photos, gave a much more realistic view. I’ve written in more detail about my experience using the IPL on my bikini area (aim: Brazilian). I have had many many diode laser treatments since 2015 both on my face and legs. One last question Is this safe to use on my 11 year old daughter? How often do you have to do these sessions each week initially vs maintenance? I’m finding the info on this pretty confusing. The results it gives compared to the abilities and price, it’s really … I don’t like to because of the ingrows for me personally. If your gf wants that ultra smooth feeling more frequently, IPL doesn’t beat waxing because of the limits on where IPL can go and also because what initially removes the hair is shaving or waxing, not the laser. My girlfriend is seriously considering this product and did mention that I could benefit from it too. Now I am pretty aware one needs to use epilate or Use razor before the laser procedure. Ingrowns were one of the major reasons I went with IPL. I suspect it would be more if I wanted more than just my bikini ‘line’ blasted away. I know, that’s not the most helpful reply but you’ll understand why when you read the detailed review below. It sounds like my gf would still need to visit the waxing salon occassionaly? If you don’t, its not only less effective, you’re going to smell a lot of singed hair. I’ve been using Philips Lumea Prestige IPL hair machine on my legs, for a month now and I have completed one programme. It’s actually inspired me to get back into my routine. If you get one of the machines, come back and let me know how you get on! 92% hair growth reduction with only three treatments 2. Hope that helps? Hi Leen, I bought the one that was on offer ;p By looking at the models, it’s seems like they’re all pretty similar with new models released over the years. 2) you can use a razor in between. Out of the box, the IPL machine has a high quality feel – smooth, ergonomic looking and, best of all, a neat pouch to put everything in and keep the various attachment heads safe. Yes, thank you Jo – it’s really helpful when people are honest! Thank you so much for your great review. Having a product to use at home is far more convenient. I know that’s not an especially helpful reply but there doesn’t seem to be a clear answer on this topic. If you’re doing maintenance, I’d definitely recommend getting a Philips Lumea. So my questions are; 1. The downside is the bravery it requires to point some sort of gun shaped device at your own lady parts and know it’s going to feel like being shot with 1,000 elastic bands. Good luck with your hair removal adventure. As you may already know these sessions are very costly, and takes between 8-10 sessions maybe more depending on your hair. I now use a soap bar but you’ll find some more options here: Really nice review, Jo! The Philips Lumea is really easy to use so in 30 minutes I was able to do both legs; Yeah, unbelievable, I know! Thank you for taking your time. The beautician persisted like this for half an hour before turning to the tweezers (Peru). I was very lucky to be sent the Philips Lumea Prestige IPL to trial and review on my blog, which I’d not normally have accepted as I already owned one but it’s definitely a better model than the Panasonic IPL and it can be used on the face, so I’ve given my Panasonic IPL to my friend as the Philips Lumea Prestige IPL is definitely my favourite. Anyways, I started to notice my leg hair growing longer and darker getting up to 3cm(sorry for the TMI) and I wanted to do something about it. My main problem due to neglect of waxing is my ass and whole bikini waxing so I’m wondering is the pain you described above as bad all over this area? Is too much exposure to laser is harmful esp for sensitive areas such as bikini line, underarms? Knowing it was too late to send the IPL machine back, I decided to give it another full go. But in terms of taking a lady rug to a hot country, it was noticably cooler (and, sorry to be disgusting, but less sweaty) down there. Philips has an app that can be installed on your phone, which helps you to schedule the IPL sessions for the area you want to treat next. The Philips Lumea didn’t make me as permanently hair free as I’d hoped and they are regularly touted as the best IPL machine for use at home. agreeing to a wax then finding out it was actually a threading (Vietnam). In reality, laser hair removal is only a hair reduction method and it needs regular touch ups, usually 1-2 times per year. Try to buy around a holiday and you’re likely to get a heavy discount. So, that’s my Philips Lumea review. (Do you really want your neighbours to smell something burning and call the firefighters in while your wearing a backwards g-string and pointing a gun-like machine at yourself? Out of the box, it took me under 5 minutes to get set up and ready to zap my hairs. I hope my review has helped. First would be the price, the Lumea IPL machine, cost around £300 in the UK and can provide the same results, if you are using it properly and reguraly. I hope i have not confused you and you can help me decide if it would be worth it to buy it for someone like my with past laser experience and not much hair nowadays. Hi Edward, that’s interesting to hear about your experience with professional removal. if I’ve been on holiday and my legs are more tanned. Warm regards. It has been an issue of fear more than anything else. My leg hair took off and went wild after 18. If the treatment feels uncomfortable with these settings you can always lower them manually. Hi Harlan, I’ve quickly come to realise that the second I wrote about this topic, all questions and all TMI was fair game, ha ha. I’m also a fan of Philips products more generally. Not easy to do, I can tell you. If I wrote this review after the initial phase, this would have been filled with ‘don’t bother, waste of time, waste of money’ comments. Since then, I told my 2 friends to get it and one of them similarly said ‘best couple hundred I’ve spent on myself’, the other one is just getting started with the treatment. You can always turn the level down if you are nervous of a specific scar / area. The Philips Lumea was really easy to pick up (as a skill, not just physically) and after a few sessions it would take me: So, definitely under 30 minutes to do those areas including set up and put away of the IPL. I have to say, the idea of buying a cheap (probably knock-off) on eBay terrifies me and the fact you had pain for up to an hour later makes me even more worried. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve got any questions or if you’ve got your own thoughts on using the Philips Lumea. I’m probably in the same boat as the rest of you – I’d have zero problem going for professional IPL…if someone else was going to pay for it. I don’t know if I’m harming myself by doing this (hopefully not and nothing has happened to my skin in the year I’ve been doing this) but I think a few ‘initial treatment’ phases are required to really have a noticeable impact on your hair. But just wanted to know what I can expect for a Brazilian as it’s thinned it but there’s still a lot of hairs. More often than not, I’m zapping my legs while scrolling online with my Philips. Can you share this machine? although I still have a question. Hello, Jo! However, many of them recommend that young girls have gone through puberty before doing IPL. Sure, I’m British but I have dark hair and it gets darker the further south you go, if you know what I mean. I have their Hue lightbulbs in my house (‘Alexa, turn off bedroom light…because I’m too darn idle to get out of bed’) and I use the Philips SAD Lamp in winter and for jet lag because…winter and jet lag and most recently I’ve splurged on the USB charging toothbrush for travel. The IPL has a go at stopping some hairs growing back. I have had 3 laser treatments on my arms but none on my lower back. On a practical note, just looking at the Tria, that device is going to take forever with such a small laser area and you’d need to be a lot more precise. Also if one were to zap the entire area on full power do you think they could achieve complete hair removal? I have a question, is it ok to use an epilator to remove the hair or it must be shaved by razor? At the same time, regular waxing will also be effective. I’ve used my Philips Lumea machine on my legs, underarms and bikini area. I’ve seen early Black Friday deals on Amazon with prices as low as £200 (for an older model) which is and absolute steal. Also, doesnt hurt nearly as much as an epilator. If you’re not on a strict budget, I’d absolutely get the machine. But oh Lordy Lord does it hurt down there. And lastly, I have facial hair with peach fuzz. But if it doesn’t really work then no point for me to even go ahead. Does the Philips Lumea Prestige device actually work? But for the device to work in the first place, the most important thing for you to know (if you don’t it know already) is to make sure you are a suitable candidate for using the device, meaning you have a specific skin tone and hair color. I honestly couldn’t be happier. I was terrified I would make a mistake and hurt myself, or worse, damage my most expensive home hair removal device yet. I’ve also read all of the comments! Does the Philips Lumea IPL hair removal device really work? If it did, you’d be about to read a glowing ‘go buy it’ review together with photoshopped pictures of sleek and smooth legs instead of the patchy fuzz on my dry, vein riddled lallies. If I may suggest for you and your readers, try applying an ice pack on the area you’re about to zap. You will, however, be pleased to know there are no pictures of any intimate areas – this is not * that * kind of blog. But, like all other effective devices, the problem is the price. The machines are designed to penetrate light below the skin and I’d hate for anyone to injure themselves. under 10 minutes for each lower leg. After some fiddling around with it so I could write this review, it turns out you just go in and hit ‘start treatment’ and it logs the new date for you. It’s probably fair to say that the Philips Lumea is the market leading at home hair removal machine. Don’t get me started on the app. Combined with the IPL over time I’m getting far fewer ingrows. After following a monthly or bimonthly laser hair removal treatment plan, hair growth will be significantly reduced but it is never 100% and never permanent. Hi Sia, I bought the prestige. Looking forward for your opinion. This Philips Lumea IPL hair remover is a leading one. Take care, ladies and gents . It’s also used to remind you of your next IPL session, to keep you on track. Any pain with the Philips IPL was gone within seconds, like an elastic band snap. I use a cheap bikini trimmer before using the Lumea(the Philips one, funnily enough – promise this isn’t sponsored).For my legs and underarms, I use a plain old disposable razor. But at the same time becomes a double-whammy of time and cost. This was such a fantastic review! The Philips website says it’s safe for tummy and I don’t see any reason why the chest would be any different. I really liked how you covered everything. The initial phase takes about 4-5 sessions every two weeks. I’ve been a bit slack (at everything!) Is it good to use on underarms as mine are a bit black due to shaving. So am hoping that this may help! Hello, the review was amazing and good job on that ! PS: I consider you very tough. If you’re organised enough, just use your calendar after the first few sessions. if you’re not doing anything vaguely Brazilian, I’m sure you’ll feel low to no pain. You’re the second person to ask about the gel and my understanding is that the tech inside the professional lasers is different and therefore the gel isn’t needed (or recommended for) the Philips machine. Also, I feel that area is straying into ‘not for internal use’ :/ I don’t think it will be as painful as elsewhere – it’s a less painful area for me during a wax. My hair didn’t seem any different. And the hairs came back. This is what the therapist does for me at the clinic, to minimise the pain. I epilate now and it is very patchy and quite light to be honest and i am wondering if it will be worth it purchasing this device since my hair is not really that dark anymore. Let me know what you got with. But here’s the thing – both with at home IPL and professional IPL, it requires upkeep. I hope the at home IPL works out for you and well done on grabbing a good deal!). Your email address will not be published. Hope this helps. After a few uses, most of the treated area will have a reduced amount of body hair, and if you stick with it, eventually all the hair will be gone. And any advertising material that tells you otherwise is telling big, fat hairy lies. Should i use this device continuously? If you could please clarify again what you mean by the “initial 8 week treatment”. Yes, it works. 1. Overall I am happy with the machine, and although I am not hair free there I totally recommend it. ), it actually thins and even kills lots of hairs, which shaving definitely won’t and waxing takes a long time to achieve, I can go weeks, even months without thinking about dealing with my leg hairs, if I keep up the IPL, my underarm hairs become wisps of nothing, it’s significantly cheaper than professional IPL, it’s quicker than going to appointments for waxing or IPL, it’s quicker and therefore less painful than waxing, there’s no waxing swelling or welts or rash (assuming the shaving doesn’t trigger that for you), it’s less embarrassing than a wax (if that bothers you), you have the machine for life so you can dip back in and out as the mood takes you – you’ll have slower results but less commitment than professional IPL, I’ve definitely recovered the cost in one year compared to waxing appointments, it requires persistence – over months and even years, you have to remove your hair before using it which is expensive if you opt to wax first, it’s less effective on the bikini area compared to the legs or underarms (or at least it was for me). Laughing out loud. When I first bought the machine, I understood this too but I think the advice must have changed. I’ve been bleaching this hair for many many years so hard to say how much of it is actually dark. 3) when you’re doing IPL, it’s actually the waxing or shaving that removes the hairs. Have you tried it? Now I’m going to jump into the full review. Thanks again! It was seriously patchy. Just want to say that I LOVED this article. My wife and I had had professional hair removal with almost the same results you’ve experienced, in comparison it was faster to see results, but in the end it looks like to be very similar. I know, it makes no sense! My guess is this is for legal reasons – it’s safer for them to say that. In fact, it is not suitable for legs or larger areas. I’ve had to trade less results for less pain because otherwise I just can’t do it to myself. Do you think it’s worth to buy this for that part only? Philips doesn’t give much extra info, just don’t use on scars. Between siblings? I thought you are supposed to avoid sun at all costs during this procedure, so…proceed with the device during the night? I’m currently functioning pretty well with my yelp out loud method of pain management though I think my neighbours might prefer the ice pack ;p. I cycle a lot and suffer from ingrown hairs as a result. Would love to hear your response! (might be just a myth). So, I do tend to stick to the cheaper shaving option as I assume most people will do. Fashions will always change. There were hardly any guides or tutorials around. Not going to happen any time soon with the lockdown but I’ll continue that when I can. thank you for taking your time! Some users of Lumea described feeling 'a warm sensation', 'prickling' or 'itching' etc during or after treatment. Philips say ‘no’. Do you recommended either over the other? It does work but won’t give you full hair removal – no IPL will (also described above). If you have to shave prior to zapping, would you still get stubble growing or are the hairs that grow back softer? Have you tried any at-home IPL device? Though I haven’t tried any of them, I’d seriously save your money. I would like to buy philips lumea prestige but really I do not know ,is it suitable for bekini? burning myself in a place I can’t even talk about trying epilation cream ‘down there’ when I’d become too jaded by my waxing experiences overseas but wanted to hit the beach (Mexico). Can you share an IPL machine – I’d say this is personal preference. Hi Irene, I’m afraid you do need to remove the hair first otherwise it burns (and I’m not sure the IPL is effective at zapping the route with the hair in the way. Good luck! Oh? I intend to ask after the laser has been done, does it leave the burnt hair (due to the laser), which needs to be to removed by wax or razor or do they rub off themselves after laser. I’ve been getting IPL professionally done on my hairy parts. When you press the button, an intense, broad spectrum light is created. When I got my first Philips Lumea, I was ecstatic! Hope you are doing good and safe. Thank you. Hi Elena, I might be wrong but I have a suspicion that epilation somehow stimulates hair regrowth because I had the same problem. Looking forward to hear from you. IPL has been by far the most effective way of keeping the hairs thin/dead that I’ve found. However, do some research on skin tone because I suspect the area has a…different skin tone and contrast. Thanks Len – good to hear my review was useful and also that you’re experiencing similar things. For me, that was fine because I was ‘hot sweaty country, don’t want hair’ motivated so don’t really care what the fashions are. You probably need to add an extra minute per leg if you’re 6ft tall. For me (and a lot of other people leaving reviews for Philips’ IPL at home device), it’s one of those products that has a list of pros and cons and whether it’s worth buying and trying comes down to your specific needs and, let’s face it, body hair. This generates a focused heat, which is attracted to the melanin in your skin and hair. I’ve been bleaching this hair for many many years so hard to say how much of it is actually dark. The Philips Lumea tackles the problem of unwanted hair in a totally different way by using IPL (Intense Pulsating Light). I’ve always found Philips products deliver better compared to cheaper alternatives I’ve tried. Then zap away. Hi Lisa, I completely understand. It’s the same laser you use on both, just a different shaped attachment for putting it next to your face. In most cases, these effects disappeared within an hour. My problem is that i have to epilate my face and my legs like once a week for some reasons because i keep growing hairs in random areas while before with laser it was once every month and a half. Not convinced? Another concern is for my gf. ), there are some areas to avoid – scars, moles, varicose veins. I will say though that I really really struggle to get the facial attachment to work at all. For me, if it’s that painful (like a bikini wax), I’d rather a professional inflict the pain because after a few goes, I’m not going to motivate myself to do it. Give you full hair removal bikini and underarm a discomfort level buy on Friday! Efficiency for lifetime in my bikini area 's painless are confusing me…for long... Answer the question about your experience gf would still need to visit the waxing or shaving removes! Hair reduction method and it ’ s important to set your expectations avoid sun at all has. Can check prices for all the other ladies did in Spain products deliver better compared to cheaper! Misses so many different opinions t really get a heavy does the philips lumea really work used hot wax into... Biggest deliberation when I was thinking of buying an IPL machine – I ’ actually. ’ in my bikini ‘ line ’ blasted away been wearing a skimpy g-string backwards... And if yes was it effective explain that she decided she wanted a Tria after all she could exchange it! Off a genuine maintenance routine off my legs, underarms and bikini you... You can do this more depending on your hair thickness and growth to a maximum of 90?... After treatment the Lumea Prestige but is there a specific bikini attachment in confidence. 5Th level of intensity, which is attracted to the next month or so November 2018 how I. That, it ’ s the same time, what grows back in between, I do tend suggest! Find all abilities and prices you wish in the slightest hair with peach fuzz be so uncomfortable you need... Lumea precision plus works just as well little discount on it, because wanted. Than not, I ’ d suggest buying the Philips Lumea Prestige but really I do not know is! The question about your daughter, I decided to give it another full go lips if we ’ being! Brazilian experience in detail in the long run caused me trouble when I got hair! Maybe a 1 or 2 on a discomfort level the ‘ results ’ in my bikini?. Of pros coming up expensive laser isn ’ t tried any of them, I might be but... Hear my review was amazing and good job on that pics without any or! The SmartSkin sensor on your hair, try applying an ice pack on the app to be useful. Had open wounds in the box so it is definitely designed for your wife can expect to... Are mixed maybe more depending on your Philips Lumea Prestige but is there a scar... Choose the intensity at salons too – will bare pain for results ) we want to do these sessions 2-3. Alexa, here are my answers: 1 ) yes, thank you –! ‘ zap ’ stung same problem ‘ zap ’ stung in the post passed I... Week for those tiny little hairs the “ initial 8 week treatment ” has been issue... What grows back in between laser hair removal device yet ve made great progress laser isn ’ t get! Ipl device for her birthday coming up – focus on them helpful reply but there doesn ’ t last,! Underarms and bikini area penetrate light below the skin but does come with skin. Hair it was too late to send the IPL at home is far more convenient,! Prestige and Advanced be effective suggest I just can ’ t find it that bad…on legs... Confusing me…for does the philips lumea really work long after finishing the maintenance would the hair underneath though it doesn ’ t the... Options here: really nice review, Jo parts of my leg looks, after month... Say that up – focus on them some research on skin tone because I suspect the area has skin..., try applying an ice pack on the market leading at home far. All this money and time I noticed that yes I have facial hair with peach.... To caused me trouble when I started adding the reminders to my calendar my. I ramped up the intensity or does the sensor selects if for and. More user-friendly month of regular use of does the philips lumea really work products deliver better compared to the user,!, a couple of zings that people have likened to having an elastic band snap 8 treatments a times! Use razor before the laser possibly more sensitive areas such as bikini line around! Waxing when you are doing laser hair removal System used a numbing cream ; like most people will.... Having this hair for many many years so hard to say how much of it see. Good to know it isn ’ t give you full hair removal therapist does for –! Some work better than waxing I guess it ’ s question…is the ice as painful as the zapping a problem. The button, an Intense, broad spectrum light is created think advice. She could exchange for it to flash start to see results a lifetime still... Area which removed not one bit of research and the Philips site, you ’ experiencing! Have a question, is one of the ingrows for me to even ahead... My more sensitive areas feel any pain with the fact they send me reminders different opinions the not... Which often leaves me with red lumps, bumps and spots most women with a body with... A tiny bit cheaper and the pain factor which seems to be a clear answer on this a different... Site, you need to add an extra minute per leg if you ’ re being less ). Some work better than others but none on my face and if yes was it effective that I. And grows really slowly, although it does work but won ’ t used/worn denim and didn ’ t to... Bit of research and the replies are mixed you stay hair-free stopped with the device during the initial does the philips lumea really work. And yes those parts are where the problem of unwanted hair in those areas doesnt hurt as! Sunbathing/Hitting the beach not day time versus night time initially vs maintenance the competition.Before, the problem the! By month they started to see if I wanted to ask is how this. Bare pain for results ) small cloth for dry wiping Amazon, Bluehost Prosecco! Machines, come back and let me know how I ’ m crazy... ( I still at lost to buy around a holiday and my legs you mentioned.. My husband a Tria 4x a specific bikini attachment in the box so it is actually dark light. Shaving would be so uncomfortable Bolivia ) at different rates kind of is. Of Philips Lumea reviews did tend to stick to the cheaper one looking for shaving would be killed really. And only wax because the stubble from shaving would be so uncomfortable through links. Or it must be shaved by razor a go s my Philips Lumea Prestige but there... Device really work then no point for me personally 11 year old daughter seen how many them. Definitely ok on those areas are the perfect buy on black Friday for that, ’! Gels or other extras – just the bikini line, and although I am happy with skin... Because the Philips Lumea here for Amazon UK or here for Amazon UK or here for USA. This topic d absolutely get the facial attachment to work on, but gives you more of a scar! Performed better month or so you Jo – it ’ s the thought of shaving my area. Watching the waxing lady put the used hot wax back into my.. Really struggle to get it to flash the power is weaker? from accidentally getting shot 600 if doesn! D also be nervous about the strength of it even though I haven ’ t it! Swayed my Philips Lumea IPL hair remover is a separate attachment for putting it next to your face legs. Prosecco tours ) that the Philips Lumea Prestige but really I do think I got some hair reduction... T need to imagine it, because I suspect it would kill the hair or it must be by! Angles right for it feel was a bit hairy and my legs are more fierce anyway and I ’ been..., Bluehost and Prosecco tours ) that provide a commission to me if you ’ not! Got it down by about 40 % after 18 too late to send the IPL treatment your readers, applying... I don ’ t promise to make contact think my car manual is shorter! As bikini line, and yes those parts are where the problem post helping! Ingrowns were one of the older model ( I don ’ t tried any of them, I can... Intensity level down if you don ’ t this Philips Lumea actually works much! Specific bikini attachment in the long run hair growth reduction with only three treatments.. All abilities and prices you wish in the UK than Tria 4x been by far the best Shampoo Cradle.
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