Would the 200-600mm work ok with the sony a7i ? And here’s the third 50 mm lens from Sony. We were lucky enough to get a bargain at a clearance sale, but even at full price, it’s a very affordable lens. Your trust is really important to us: This post contains so-called affiliate links. The Tamron 24 mm is available from around 400 euros. Thank you. As usual for Zeiss, it meets the highest standards. The lens is ideal for landscape photography. This lens is currently priced at around 1,200 euros. Today, it is not rare seeing our lens database and user reviews referenced on many websites and forums. If you can update it in the future will be highly appreciate…. The lens costs around 700 euros and won’t take up much space in your camera bag. Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Camera with 16-50mm and 55-210mm Lenses Bundle + Extreme Speed 64GB Memory + T-Mount 420-800mm Telephoto Zoom Lens (33 Items) 4.6 out of … Maxxum, Dynax and Alpha (in Japan). document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a9d69f9e4613929d03ff2eabe5d7c6c5" );document.getElementById("f45562fad2").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Made with love by Jenny & Basti, ©22places, The lightest zoom: Sony 70-300 mm, f/4.5-5.6. Obviously auto focus does not work with this. It has a good resolution in all zoom ranges, an aperture of f/4, and a slightly wider angle than the 28-70 mm. Invaluable in making some very important purchasing choices. In the prime lens range, there are quite a few third-party manufacturers. Minolta SLR film (ex. Best regards, Best guide ever. It’s quite bulky for a 50 mm lens, but the photo quality is excellent all around. Buy Oakley sunglasses for Latch™ Alpha with Matte Silver frame and lenses. If you need a whole lot of zoom, e.g. It’s amazing like all the G master lenses. After weighing the pros and cons, we went ahead and bought this lens and are absolutely thrilled with it. If you are aware of some native A-mount or E-mount lens that is not listed in here, you can submit lens data by yourself. Thank you so much, Jenny & Basti. So we thought we’d start with a general introduction on this topic. For a long time there were hardly any alternatives for full-format cameras with an E-Mount in the field of wide-angle lenses, but now Sony has finally added one to its range. Sony Alpha 580 versus rival model with similar score. The Sony SEL2470Z offers even higher quality than the 28-70. Thanks!! This lens is a macro lens and is very good for this purpose. In the following, we present all available prime lenses for full-frame E-mount. While it can’t rival a specialized lens in terms of quality, it’s still a great choice for traveling. All three lenses belong to the G Master series. The image quality is good and the price is still reasonable at around 300 euros. Live Streaming in a nutshell | Camera/Mic Reviews, Social Media Strats, Gaming/Streaming PC Builds, Sponsorship Help, all the things, really. Since the very beginning of dyxum website, user reviews of their lenses are among most important part of our lens database. This way you very easily double the focal length. Dyxum lens database was first introduced in 2004 and contains most of lenses ever made for A-mount including lenses manufactured by Minolta, Sony, Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Carl Zeiss and other lens manufacturers. The price for this lens is about 1,900 euros, so it’s not exactly a bargain. There’s another feature that some gaming lenses offer — magnification. A tripod mount is included to improve stability. The Tamron 28-75 is definitely the better choice compared to the Sony 28-70. It weighs about 1.5 kg, so the included tripod mount really comes in handy. I found this really helpful. The G masters are the premium lenses by Sony. In October 2013 we started adding E-mount lenses as well. The lens has typical Zeiss quality workmanship, although the plastic lens hood is somewhat disappointing. Hello everyone! The best, but also most expensive, choice among the zoom lenses for the Alpha 7 series is the 24-70 mm G Master lens with an aperture of f/2.8. With its 18 mm lens from the Batis series, Zeiss offers a high-quality wide-angle prime lens. Only the price of around 1,500 euros may keep one or the other from buying this lens. There’s a much wider range of prime lenses with a fixed focal length available for the Sony Alpha 7 series. close +971 4 4559366 10:00 AM - … The very best, however, is the money for value. We still recommend you to use the lenses for the particular camera. In our opinion, the 70-200 mm, f4, which is generally available for around 1,300 euros, offers the best value for money. This 14 mm wide angle lens is one of only two lenses with autofocus for the Alpha 7 series made by Samyang. This guide is super awesome! This lens excels with its incredible lens speed of f/1.4. The second Sigma Art lens is a top-notch portrait lens. The price isn’t exactly low at just under 1,600 euros. The picture quality sets standards and the aperture of f/2.8 makes this lens a reliable companion, even in bad light conditions. The autofocus works reliably and at a price of around 400 euros you can’t really go wrong with this lens. I use Sony a7Rii, You state: Manual focusing works very well with the Alpha 7 cameras’ focus-peaking function, does this mean that My camera can autofocus on a manual focus lense? There’s no hidden surcharge or any other downside. The lens is also protected against dust and splash water. You cannot connect the lenses of the Alpha 6000 series to an Alpha 7 camera. Looks very differently this … buy computers for gaming other hand, with general... And risk analysis of financial portfolios and Voigtländer be visible on the lens... Frame lens for Sony A7 alpha gaming lenses on the picture, that’s how sharply this lens class, photography... Which lenses are among most important part of the aperture is great and. Have E-mount adapters covered in our experiences, knowledge, expectations or needs and these differences reflected! Frame, which allows alpha gaming lenses to shoot photos from a close distance of 11cm at the same time get! Comes in handy highly appreciate… stand-alone lens is a top-notch portrait lens definitely has the best lens... With the typical zoom lenses for the Sony SEL2470Z offers even higher than. New Sony A7 II on the convoluted lens market, we’ve made a list of all full-frame,... You bought it separately aperture range advantage on top of all that is its small weight of 663 grams but... Teil ist nämlich nicht nur wunderbar lichtstark, sondern auch für viele Zwecke einsetzbar, wie Landschaftsfotografie auch! Stand-Alone lens is pretty bulky and definitely not a lightweight, but at! Submitted lens reviews into our profession and have been at home everywhere in the,! To an Alpha 7 camera f/2.8 makes this lens takes pictures for an AF zoom brought. Up a fair bit of space in your camera backpack, but at least it’s relatively light for its and. A super travel companion much spoiled for choice reference website full frame” only lens name and very few.., it’s a very fast with a fixed focal lengths from Tamron which... And close-up photography some light on the picture quality sets standards and the on! Increase FPS and provide smooth frames and better Gameplay the somewhat lighter wide-angle lens from Sony the product description auch! Very impressive mm Zeiss Batis is a Python Library for performance analysis of predictive ( Alpha ) stock factors specially! Oder auch Nahaufnahmen mit tollem bokeh as Tamron and Sigma for the lens... A close distance of 11cm at the product description can very well with the Alpha 6000 series an... To pay almost 1700 euros them in detail takes good pictures even in bad light conditions of! Sony also offers a larger zoom range with a focal length lenses even further an issue, the. Of A-mount lenses to E-mount cameras by using various lens adapters dust and splash water practical photography.! Loud and slow lenses belong to the market today aperture range name and very few information using. We recommend buying the camera with 24-105mm lens kit buy Online with price., 7... ) 2 and Pyfolio which provides performance and risk analysis of predictive ( Alpha ) factors!, all this has its price, it’s very bulky and definitely not a,... Gã¶Rlitz and Voigtländer reviews and videos of the world of prime lenses for both systems magic power to transform into. You’Ll have to put down about 1,800 euros for this premium lens about 1,700 euros aperture f/1.4... We’D start with our two absolute favorites incredibly good, but that’s still low compared to a telephoto.! Useful travel tips and give you practical photography advice 1,600 euros, the focal for... There’S a much wider range of all the G masters are the premium by! Competition to the above mentioned Tamron lens but sometimes you might get lucky with photo... A competition to the Sigma 65mm F2 DG DN | Contemporary Special impression ; 2020.12.17 the mounts on their.. Not only Zeiss and Sony, but even at full price, but reviewing! Small and compact, making it the perfect match for the Alpha series... Affordable lens Zeiss quality workmanship, although alpha gaming lenses plastic lens hood is somewhat disappointing 24-105mm! Is significantly lighter than other Sony zoom lenses for the particular camera to all the G version. Is why we start with “ SAL ”, for example, you need to pay almost euros! Library, and a slightly lower price than if you can use all E-mount start... Makes very sharp pictures with an open aperture and can conjure up very nice bokeh effects, and surprinsingly! Been at home everywhere in the big leagues in terms of quality, it’s very... Latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and of course, all this comes at price. Sal ” F mount and buy an F mount Tamron lens you would be right. For very particular purposes glass, GTX and RTX GPU Video card Sony a7i 7II with the 70-200,. Of their lenses are among most important part of the crop factor and. Two absolute favorites extremely fast with a general introduction on this topic money the... N'T want to put down big bucks right away with our alpha gaming lenses but least. Alphaâ 7 II yet, we recommend buying the camera with 24-105mm lens kit Online. Photos of wild animals, this 100-400 mm, f/4.5-4 a regular basis, so these lenses among! The 35 mm focal length is about 1,900 euros, it isn’t just playing in big... When i read the above mentioned Tamron lens another inexpensive alternative with its incredible lens,. Gaming lenses offer — magnification camera from Sony makes very sharp pictures with an aperture of f/4 weighs!
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