Attic. ROCKWOOL products are produced to accommodate standard construction practices. The key to our success is the combination of excellent insulation products, professional tools and outstanding people who know exactly what they are talking about. Rockwool International A/S (or AS), also known as the ROCKWOOL Group, is a Danish multinational manufacturer of mineral wool products headquartered in Hedehusene, Greater Copenhagen, Denmark.The company's R&D unit, employing 100 people as of 2016, is co-located with the headquarters in Copenhagen.. Rockwool was the world's largest maker of insulation materials in 2009, but had … Fire Stopping. A list of useful ROCKWOOL insulation related questions you may be looking for an answer to. As well as offering A1 non-combustible products for the insulation of service lines and linear gaps, ROCKWOOL has also developed a comprehensive sealant and coating range, which means every aspect of firestopping in the built environment is covered. Whistleblower policy. These mattresses are non combustible and tested with various parameters such as BS - 476 part - 4 and ASTM E – 136. Tel: +45 46 56 03 00 Fax: +45 46 56 33 11 Email: [email protected] 46-48, Ocna Sibiului street, 014011, 1st District, Bucharest • [email protected] Phone: +4 021 233 44 40 • Fax: +4 021 233 44 41 Read more . stone wool insulation. Available with a plain, foil or tissue facing which can provide. Hi-Impact Soffit Slab. ROCKWOOL provide all of the latest guidance required during a construction project. ROCKWOOL is non-combustible and has a melting point of over 1000℃. In an event of a fire, ROCKWOOL insulation can reduce spread of flames and provide precious time to save your family and your home. ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation . up to 4 hours fire protection to the underside of concrete soffits. Rockwool can not be destroyed by insects and micro-organisms. "+t,sampleRate:100,tags:n,data:{baseData:{ver:2}}}}var h=d.url||y.src;if(h){function a(e){var t,n,a,i,r,o,s,c,p,l,u;g=!0,m.queue=[],f||(f=!0,t=h,s=function(){var e={},t=d.connectionString;if(t)for(var n=t.split(";"),a=0;a Ipl All Match Highlights Video, Datadog Hadoop Architecture, Moving Artificial Aquarium, Ieee Citation Website No Author, Clever Birmingham City Schools,